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Safe Places

Safe Places

This participatory film tells the story of people who have had problems when out and about in the community. The film was made to show people what its really like to have a learning disability and why Safe Places is needed.

The film helped Cornwall Council win the following National awards :
Health and Social Care Equality award 2010
The MJ Diversity Achievement of the year award for 2011.


This powerful documentary, made with local people from Cornwall, charts the successes, difficulties and barriers people face as well as highlighting the support and services that exist for people with autism.

The film has been used to support greater awareness of the needs of people with autism as well as providing information and advice.

New Boots

New Boots is an empowering project written by a group of women who came together to share their experiences and raise awareness of domestic violence. Susan and her children struggle to build a new life as Mitch tries to manipulate them into coming ‘home’.

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