Barbara Santi


Barbara is a creative documentary director / producer with astute fundraising skills. She is a founder director of awen productions with over 20 years of professional media experience and rural community participation. Barbara uses inclusive methods in her films and develops collaborative projects with communities to explore the film medium, concepts of place and identity, the rural environment and new storytelling models.

Barbara has made creative documentaries for Channel 4 and Carlton TV and has shown her films on FourDocs, Current TV, The Community Channel, art galleries, conferences, film festival platforms and has toured the length and breadth of Cornwall promoting Cornish films in rural settings.

Barbara loves working with archives and is passionate about empowering communities through the creative use of film and digital media to raise under-represented peoples voices. She has worked with inclusive dance theatre company Shallal since 2006.

Barbara is currently undertaking PhD research at Exeter University at the Penryn Cornwall campus. The PhD focus includes film, rural representation, cultural identity, archives and ethnography.