Jubilee Pool Stories

Jubilee Pool Stories

Heritage/Arts/Media Project

In Production

Jump in! 'Jubilee Pool Stories' is an intergenerational, community-focused, 3-year heritage project to collate, digitise, interpret and share a rich cultural archive.

awen productions and artist Dr Jane Bailey are partnering with Jubilee Pool Penzance, Falmouth University, Penwith College and The Lux London to deliver exciting audio/visual activities for our local community and schools.

Jubilee Pool is the UK's largest surviving open air, tidal swimming pool and is situated in Penzance, Cornwall. Much loved since it opened in 1935, the striking Grade II listed lido stirs vivid memories for a wide cross-section of people and represents a wealth of unrecorded and un-interpreted social and community history.

The project will connect with community groups, volunteers, schools, experts and artists through participatory hands-on workshops and outreach activities. Audiences of all backgrounds, ages and abilities will be reached via exhibitions and online. The project will also be placed within a wider discourse of UK Lidos. The project will deliver an engaging, creative programme to re-present the art deco Lido and its stories, producing and sharing films and the archive in accessible and interactive ways.

Visit: www.jubileepoolstories.co.uk


Barbara Santi, Lou Brett, Jane Bailey
Nick Harpley
Barbara Santi, Lou Brett, Jane Bailey