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This environmentally driven audio-visual project celebrates, raise awareness and engages with Mousehole and wider Cornish / international community about the historic and very special Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital.

Our project explores contemporary, inspiring and engaging ways of raising awareness of wildlife and heritage.

Founded in 1928, the hospital and sanctuary grew out of Dorothy and Pog Yglesias's family home, perched high on the cliffs at Mousehole. The sisters lived during two world wars, were involved in the Newlyn School of Art colony and were instrumental in looking after affected birds of the atrocious Torrey Canyon disaster of 1967.

The project celebrates the lifetime work of Dorothy and Pog Yglesias and the many volunteers over the last 100 years. We are bringing in our community, artists and specialists to interpret the incredible story for contemporary audiences.

Our project will

Create an archive including collecting memories and stories about the Yglesias sisters and hospital. Additionally, art, audio-visual and written materials are scattered in small collections and we want to catalogue and preserve what is available.

Create a documentary film.

Create community podcasts telling the history and contemporary story of birds and the hospital as it embarks on its next 100 years and overcomes the effects of Avian flu.

Run school creative / history workshops and develop educational resources.

Run celebratory events.

Run community puppet workshops for adults and children, inspired by the sisters own puppet making and artwork.

Nest Box making workshop to coincide with the annual National Nest Box Week.

Partnerships include: BTO, Hypatia Trust, Solomon Browne Hall, Mousehole School.


Barbara Santi
Barbara Santi