Walkabout St Ives

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Completed 2012

Winner 'Best App' at Media Innovation Awards 2013. This location-aware app uses a mixture of archive film, art, photography and storytelling to explore St Ives' rich social history and cultural heritage. Local artist Naomi Frears and fisherman Christopher (Bish) Care will guide your journey, sharing their memories and stories from living and working in this famous Cornish town.

Archive film from as early as 1904 brings to light moments in history located around the town. Be transported back in time and discover how men used to pull the lifeboat along Wharf Road before machinery, what the harbour looked like when fishing was a thriving industry, how people in the 1930s used to live in Downlong, and much more.

Walkabout St Ives is designed to be used in two ways. Walkabout mode is a heritage trail, taking in the sights and sounds of the whole town as you walk about. There is both a visual guide and a custom GPS map to help you to the next location of interest, or you can just wander where you will. Browse mode is a virtual tour: browse through the films at home, and see the locations on the map without actually being there. And of course you can swap between the two if you fancy a sit down. A cultural feast for your eyes and ears, Walkabout St Ives is a perfect companion to your exploration of the town and it's history, and is full of rare archive film that you'll want to return to over and over again.

This project was made with the support of Creative England, South West Film and Television Archive, St Ives Memory Bay, St Ives Archive Study, Penlee Gallery and Museum, The Morrab Library and Belgrave St Ives. 

"Walkabout St Ives is a well-researched, well-organised App with a wealth of local and historic video content"
Media Innovation Awards Judges


Barbara Santi
Nick Harpley
Denzil Monk